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Sonko dishes out Sh500k to the police for wiping out Kayole terror gang

Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko has rewarded the police with Sh500,000 for taking out a notorious gang that has been terrorizing residents in Kayole.

A video that captured a group of young men armed with guns robbing a shop had gone viral on social media catching the attention of the Governor, who issued a stern warning to the gangsters that their days were numbered.

On Tuesday afternoon Mr Sonko informed the public that indeed the gang members well all fled after getting following a confrontation with the police.


“On 8th November at 4.51am I posted the attached video and told these burgers terrorizing Nairobians that their days were numbered. On 10th of November, while attending a fundraising in Matopeni – Kayole of a Nairobian Harrison Kinyanjui Karanja who had been shot and seriously injured. We gave a 7 days’ notice to any member of the armed gang to surrender all their guns and stop terrorizing innocent Nairobians with immediate effect,” Sonko wrote.

“Some have complied but for those who thought it was a joke and were caught on CCTV footage robbing traders at gunpoint, this is the good price they got. Bravo, bravo, bravo to our cops who did this good job. You have a reward of 500k from me and I urge you to continue with the good job of protecting all innocent hard working Nairobians,” he further wrote.


Sonko also urged other members of the public who have pledged allegiance to such illegal groups to surrender their guns to their area chiefs or their Member of County Assemblies.

He said his administration is not going to back down on the fight against crime in Nairobi.