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Why Sonko wants you to drink more whisky this Easter

Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko has a special message to merrymakers this Easter season that will sure make consumers of alcohol very happy.

Mr Sonko shared a video on his Facebook page which explained the benefits of drinking whisky. The 35 second clip outlined 10 benefits of drinking whisky but in moderation and not excessively.

Some of the benefits outlined in Sonko’s post include, avoiding weight gain, promoting a healthy heart, fighting cancer, improving brain health and reducing risk of stroke.

Other benefits listed are reducing stress, boosting memory, helping in digestion, lengthening lifespan and safety for people suffering from diabetes.


“Surprising benefits of taking whisky. Alafu wengine wanasema mimi na mdosi twapenda kucharge sana. Wakwendee,” said Mr Sonko.

The posts attracted reactions from netizens who were doubtful of the information provided by the short video.

“Nimekwama hapo kwa “helps you avoid weight gain”… kwako Mheshimiwa imekataa na sio kwa ubaya,” said Paulo Nyainda.

“I will start taking some shots of whiskey and stop doing amarula,” wrote patricia Mwashighadi.


“Unfortunately in Kenya one may not experience those benefits because the shelves in the drinking joint is full of fake liquors,” commented Maina Karanja.

“Mimi ni msee wa vodka so nihamie huko bingwa?” asked joecombz Kalatu.

“Just avoid ice and energy drinks with whiskey That’s a catalyst to early grave… The rest iko sawa,” stated James Gachago.

“Mheshimiwa you are really misleading people especially the ones suffering from the disease someone will follow this and die terribly,” said Mburu Will.