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Sonko embroiled in turf wars with KeNHA over Mombasa Road

Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko has declared as illegal road guard rails erected by the Kenya National Highway Authority (KeNHA) on Mombasa road.

Governor Sonko said the erection of the rails was never approved by City Hall.

KenNHA has been leasing out the rails as advertising spaces to corporate organisations.


However, Sonko’s directive is seen as a revenge of sorts after KeNHA had last week halted the erection of slabs by the county government between Nyayo Stadium and Bellevue.

The slabs, erected between outbound and the inbound roads, were meant to block pedestrians from crossing the road at non-designated sections and encourage them to use footbridges.

KeNHA termed the slabs as ‘unauthorised.’ Its guard rails also serve a similar purpose.

In a press release on Monday morning, the county government faulted KeNHA for leasing out the rails as advertising spaces.

“The Constitution of Kenya, 2010 and the Devolved Governments Act, 2012 give county governments the powers to take action against unauthorized advertisement and related structures which KeNHA has erected or permitted to be erected in the road reserves,” read part of the statement signed by Elkana Jacob, director Governor’s press service.

The statement maintained that the county government has the power to prohibit and control development in the interest of ‘proper and orderly development within its area of jurisdiction.’


“To fulfil this duty, the County Government is mandated to grant all development permissions stipulated thereof (section 30 of the Act). More importantly, the provisions of the Physical Planning Act bind Government Institutions (KeNHA included), except where otherwise exempt or in respect of development by or on behalf of the Kenya Defense Forces,” read the statement.

City Hall accuses KeNHA of failing to secure a development permission for the advertisement and structures it had erected.

The County Government further maintained that it will not be drawn into an unnecessary altercation with KeNHA on the matter.