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Sonko fears for life after preacher predicts death of top politician – VIDEO

Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko is fearing for his life after a popular Zimbabwean preacher ‘prophesied’ that a popular politician in East Africa will soon be assassinated.

Pastor Ian Ndovu of the Divine Kingdom Ministry had in January 2019 claimed that “a high profile hit or assassination that may ignite tensions and throw the nation of Kenya off balance.”

“We must pray against this kind of thing for the first nine months of this year, after nine months I see this cloud of assassination will get lifted over the nation.

“From January up to around September that’s when we have to pray for prominent leaders in Kenya, including those who are not in government.

“There is one who is targeted for assasination among those leaders,” he said.

On Friday, a worried Governor Sonko vowed to upgrade his security and dared anyone to trail him.

“One of the popular politicians will soon be assassinated and the blame diverted to the Government. The assassinators (sic) will also die at some point. This preacher does not give a false prophecy. Whatever he prophesied happens,” Sonko noted

He added: “Mtu ajaribu kunitrail usiku kama saizi aone.”