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Sonko has formed anti-mugging squad but Nairobians don’t want it

By EDDY KAGERA January 22nd, 2018 2 min read

Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko has formed an anti-mugging squad following public outcry over rising insecurity in the city.

The move came a day after Daily Nation newspaper detailed a story of Nairobians’ pain and anguish over increasing cases of mugging.

“My office has today formed an anti-mugging squad which will work closely with Kenya Police. We’ve also received intelligence that some politicians and business people are funding youths to terrorize people. We are on lookout and several arrests will be made forthwith,” tweeted Sonko on Sunday night.

But disillusioned city dwellers went ham on the governor questioning why police were sleeping on the job.

Frank Orinde said: “That anti-mugging squad is an outlawed outfit from the word go. Under what laws/legislation do you come up with that, who pays them, are they police/military/civilian and lastly – who pays them?”

Kennedy M. Masinde wondered: “Does that mean that the Kenya police service can’t handle that by itself? This is militia in disguise you are forming?”


Miss Riri added: “It’s not the cheap stuff they are after, tho. You can even wear your good stash and walk in peace around. I’m just pissed that sonko is going to spend our money on. something that won’t solve s***.”

Mogaka weighed in: “Nairobi we are cooked…another sonko rescue team to deal with robbers..???? Robbers to deal with robbers? ? No no .let us use police force..unless we want to turn Nairobi a mafia city.”

Sarah Sash added: “Have a seat Mr! Have several!! You always put the horse before the cart and expect to achieve positive results? Abunuasi unakata mti yenye umekalia.”

Noah Tukow said: “This guy should be stopped from making such as terrible lapse in Judgment. This will enable thugs and lend them undue credence. Kwani the government is unable to protect citizens? Why do we pay tax? Even after becoming governor you still continue to use goons?”

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