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Sonko gives hawkers a new high-status that will make you grin

By COLLINS OMULO September 25th, 2017 1 min read

Hawkers in Nairobi will be moved to back streets as the devolved unit looks for a place to permanently place them, Governor Mike Sonko said on Sunday.

The county boss added that he had directed Deputy Governor Polycarp Igathe to sit with the Director of Trade and find a permanent place for hawkers “who will now be referred to as small scale traders”.

He said his administration was identifying streets to send hawkers to as it looked for areas to set up stalls.

The governor said the decision was reached following his meeting with the Nairobi Hawkers Association at City Hall.


He added that the association’s representatives asked the county government to register its members, stop harassing them and ensure enforcement officers have uniform for identification.

Governor Sonko said a committee had been set up to look for a permanent solution to the hawker problem, especially in the city centre.

“We will not chase you from the city centre…but we will look for places to take you first. This is where my votes came from. I started fighting for hawkers when I was Makadara MP. I will not change now that I am governor,” Mr Sonko said on one of his social media pages.