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Sonko: I love working close to my father’s grave

By DAVID KWALIMWA September 20th, 2018 2 min read

Nairobi Governor Mike Mbuvi Sonko on Wednesday explained why he prefers running the capital city from the comfort of his Mua home in Machakos county.

While appearing on Citizen TV Show Jeff Koinange Live, Sonko declared that he prefers working at his  home because it is “closer to his father’s grave”.

Sonko dismissed critics who have faulted his decision of abandoning his City Hall office and operating from another County.

“I agree with that and will never deny that (I work from Mua). My father was laid to rest in Mua. My father used to be my best friend. I really miss him a lot. I go to Mua because his grave is there. And he had a lot of hopes in me.


“When I was elected as the governor I was staying in Mua and I will never leave Mua. I will never leave my father’s grave,” an emotional Sonko said.

“Mua is my home. Why should I leave my rural home? I normally come to Nairobi, today I was in Nairobi. The other day by 6am I was in Pumwani hospital (handling the crisis).”

Sonko appeared well prepared for this two-hour long interview, carrying with him supporting documents and occasionally quoting the constitution and county by-laws.

He declared he is not about to stop his infamous habit of recording telephone conversations and sharing them online because “even (US President) Trump records his conversations”.

He explained that he recorded his conversation with Kiambu Governor Ferdinand Waititu to earn revenge after Baba Yao had rubbished his efforts to demolish illegal structures within the capital.

“Mimi nilikuwa nataka Waititu arudi chini (I wanted Waititu to calm down),”


“That day (when I recorded him) I was a bit angered because he was in some church. I realized he was playing politics and I didn’t know. Alikuwa anasema hio mambo ya corruption, enda polepole, hii mambo ya kuvunja sijui riparian, sijui alikuwa amefundishwa kule India mahali alienda University nyumba iwachwa mto ipite kando. I was offended.”

Sonko  explained that he chats with President Uhuru Kenyatta at least twice a day.

He added that he was so disturbed by watching dead babies at the Pumwani Maternity Hospitals.

“That nonsense must stop na ikiendelea nitafuta watu (and of it continues I will sack people).