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Sonko: I almost committed suicide

Mike Sonko says he toyed with the idea of taking his own life during his stint as Nairobi governor owing to the stress that comes with the role.

While mourning the death of Capital FM’s DJ Lithium on his socials, the former city boss also opened up on how he had a near-fatal battle with stress and depression over politics at the county’s offices after his friends, whom he did not name, incited him into making grave political mistakes.

“There was a time I almost commit(ed) suicide at City Hall,” he opened up.

“This is after realizing my close friends at the county assembly and one from EALA incited and advised me to start fighting one of my friends after realizing there is a member of the army (Nairobi Metropolitan Services boss Gen. Mohammed Badi) who had been brought to run Nairobi and so much of the finances has been allocated to him,” he tweeted.

“When we sat down for strategy meetings, my friends incited me to fight Gen. Badi arguing he had taken over the city. Meanwhile, they would go to Badi and tell him to remove me because I was always fighting him.”

The flamboyant politician  also raised concerns about how men are their own enemies, adding that most of the them would rather keep to themselves issues troubling them rather than share with friends because a majority of them are hypocrites.