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Sonko ignores unblocking drainage, wants you to call him during floods

By Amina Wako April 23rd, 2019 2 min read

Governor Mike Sonko has been caught holding the wrong end of the stick as heavy rains loom over the city.

Instead of reassuring Nairobi residents that the city’s drainage system will withstand flood waters, he wants them to call him when they will be marooned by the rains.

On Tuesday, the flamboyant governor posted emergency contact numbers on his social media pages that residents can use to contact his rescue team during the rains.

City Hall had six months ago set aside Sh50 million to unclog drainage to mitigate effects of heavy rains remains unclear. The programme was to target storm water drainage and sewer lines across the 85 wards in the county.

Little has been done since. Only after the clouds started gathering a few days ago did City Hall start a last-minute rush to unclog drainages, but the efforts will now be suspended with the start of the rains.

Some of flash flood hot spots in Nairobi include South C Shopping Centre, Mathare, Huruma, Loresho, Muthangari and Kileleshwa Ring Road interchange, Lavington along Chalbi Drive, Globe Roundabout, Nairobi West, Ruai, Utawala, Mukuru Slums and Kibera.

Others include low lying areas in the county such as Zimmerman on Kamiti Road, River Bank area on Baba Dogo- Outer Ring Road, Garden Estate, Thome, Roysambu and Kahawa West.

Nairobians on Twitter questioned the governor why he had to wait until the rains started to start working on the drainage system.

Gathara asked; “Dear @MikeSonko, Why would there be flooding if you’ve fixed the drainage system as promised? Or have you not fixed it?

Mwaura Ciiru added; ” Why don’t you clear the drainage system first instead of wanting to thrive your name in the face of disaster.

“King of PR. Like a chicken that lays a single egg and chomokas making noise. You would think it has laid a whole tray of eggs,” tweeted Shadrack Nganga.

@u_sufu lamented; “OMG!!!! Now the city will rely on a private network in case of an emergency.. We are doomed to sink as country Kenya,”

Anthony Agatha Munene added; “We know what you doing….promoting your business.