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Sonko plans to ‘import’ surgeons for kidney transplants but Nairobians will hear none of it

Nairobians are demanding for explanations as to why the county government is investing in bringing lead surgeons from India to carry out kidney transplants.

This after Governor Mike Sonko said that Mbagathi Hospital will host the Indian medics as they carry out the first transplant a statement that made him get schooled by Nairobians.

Users explained to Sonko how Kenyan urologists had been performing the transplants for many years adding that the claim by the governor that the Indian medics would train Kenyan colleagues were baseless.

Some termed the move as a money siphoning venture, asking the governor to only invest in providing the necessary equipment required and engage Kenyan consultants.

Sonko had shared photos of Nairobi County Heath Executive Hitan Majevdia at Mbagathi Hospital where the training will take place.

@ItsBravin replied, “Bruh, First, Don’t lie to us. Kidney Surgeries have been happening in Kenya for a very Long time. Unless you mean they will be training Sonko Rescue team ndio wakuwe wanamug hadi Kidneys.???”

@LukoyeAtwoli added, “Doctors from @MoiMedicine and @MTRHofficial could train Mbagathi Hospital staff to do this as well. We’ve been doing Kidney transplants for a while now. Karibu!”

@DrMercyKorir questioned, “Why lead surgeons from India yet we have competent Kenyan surgeons (urologists) who have been doing kidney transplants in this country for many years?”

@patricolicoh stated, “Every month at least 2 kidney transplants happen at KNH. UoN has a Masters Degree in urology, so really nothing new here. PR mob. Empower the hospital to decongest KNH.”

@origen_ii added, “Welcome to Kidney Disease in Kenya… Sonko is saying it’s the first kidney transplant at Mbagathi Hospital, Not in Kenya. FYI Kenya only carried out 35 kidney transplants last year, so this is good progress. We just need better health facility standards.”

@DKimidis wrote, “First kidney transplant this week? Where in Kenya?! Please don’t rewrite history. Black Africa’s first kidney transplant was in the early 1980s by Prof Nelson Awori and at KNH and nobody should make us forget this and shame on us that we now need training in such transplants!”

Some users., however, defended Sonko’s move to have doctors retrained citing the recent surgery mix up at KNH.

@oneko_a wrote, “With the stories of the recent past in mind, the Kenyan doctors might and up transplanting a heart ❤️ in place of a kidney. ???? Remember the poor guy who was lobotomized wrongfully at KNH?”

@omondi_edwin added, “Kenyan surgeons are dangerous. Will excitedly open your skull to treat a simple headache.”