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Sonko: I’ve been a fraudster, I know how to catch thieves

Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko says he is the best placed person to catch thieves fight the criminal ring within his county government, because he understand the criminal mind, having once been a criminal himself.

In a live interview on Citizen TV on Wednesday night, the governor also defended his perceived chaotic leadership style.

“I have been a thief, fraudster, land grabber and I’m the only dawa because I was one of them… as a former fraudster I know how a fake ID looks, how a fake title deed looks like, because I was once a criminal,” the governor said.

The governor however claimed that after he reformed he returned what he had stolen.

The governor said that his focus now is to serve Nairobians and dismantling the cartels.

“When I was a Senator, I knew who the cartels were and when I become the governor of Nairobi, I gave them time to change but they refused to change,” he added.