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Sonko leaves drug addicts high and dry after shutting down popular rehab centre

Nairobi County Governor Mike Sonko has defended the move to close down Eden House Rehabilitation Center and repossess the land.

The governor explained that the facility has been sitting on a grabbed piece of land within City Park.

Mr Sonko said the proprietors of the rehab centre were issued with fake allotment letters by a land grabbing cartel of senior City Hall officials.

“We have already cancelled the fake allotment letters that were fraudulently prepared by a group of cartels led by our former chief officer, other known rogue senior officers and powerful cartel and businessmen who are behind these fraudulent dealings,” said Sonko in a statement on Monday.

He said that apart from the rehab, there are other public utilities grabbed within City Park.

These include a borehole which used to serve residents of Parklands and Westlands with water, a five-acre flower farm valued at sh4.5 billion and part of City Park’s market.


“We have repossessed all the public amenities that had been grabbed in this place by powerful cartel and businessmen,” he said.

On Friday, county officials from the Environment Department raided Eden House Rehabilitation Center and closed it down.

Mr Sonko offered the proprietors sh300, 000 to pay rent at an alternative site.

The facility’s  executive director Boniface Njoroge said the closure will affect about 15 drug addicts  housed at the facility.

“I am offering sh300, 000 to the directors of Eden Rehab to look for an alternative place to hire so as to continue with their good work they are doing for the society,” Mr Sonko said.