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Sonko misses ambitious revenue collection target by Sh200m

Nairobi County fell short of its revenue target of Sh1.7 billion in the month of March, raking in only Sh1.5 billion in revenue collected from all its digitized revenue streams.

This comes in a month which City Hall was expected to raise more revenue as rate payers in the county were rushing against the deadline for payment and renewal of their licenses.

According to JamboPay, the firm contracted by City Hall to digitise its revenue streams, chief executive officer Danson Muchemi, a total of Sh1, 539, 600, 000 was collected last month.

This is, however, an increase from February where slightly more than Sh1.4 billion was realized but a decrease from January collection which was Sh1.63 billion.

Nevertheless, it is in the last month (March 29) that City Hall hit an all-time daily revenue record by posting a record single day collection of more than Sh120 million shillings through the eJijiPAY system and for the first time breaking the Sh100 million daily revenue mark.

Last month, suspended county executive in charge of Finance and Planning Dr Danvas Makori said that City Hall was targeting the county’s revenue to hit the Sh1.7 billion mark with more revenue streams having been digitized and corruption loopholes sealed.

“Nairobi City County in the month of March has managed to collect Sh1.539 billion from its digitized revenue streams through JamboPay’s eJijiPAY system,” said Mr Muchemi said on Sunday.

Payment for land rates, is a major source of revenue to City Hall, led in the amount of revenue recorded raking in Sh571.6 million followed by revenue from unified single business permits which posted Sh295.6 million with Sh141.5 million generated from collections from unstructured and cess.

Other revenue generators included payments for electronic construction permits which brought the county Sh135.1 million, seasonal parking Sh100.6 million, daily parking Sh36.42 million, parking penalties Sh1.64 million and off street parking Sh797, 400.

In addition, rent collected from tenants living in houses owned by the county raked in Sh46.87 million, payment for liquour licenses brought in Sh41.1 million while payments for fire extinguishers stood at Sh77.66 million.

Bill payments recorded Sh62.28 million, market stalls licenses Sh8.83 million, health permits raked over Sh6.5 million with regularization at Sh443, 600.

City Hall has already digitized 97 such streams out of the 126 major revenue streams with the county targeting to automate all its 136 revenue streams by the end of this month.

Governor Mike Sonko had in February expressed optimism the country would surpass its target of raising more than Sh1.7 billion in revenue by end of March after sealing all corruption loopholes in the county.