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Sonko is the most improved governor, new survey reveals

Nairobi governor Mike Sonko has been ranked as the most improved Governor in a new survey from released on Wednesday by research firm Trends and Insights for Africa (TIFA).

Sonko, who scored a grade of C (51%), posted an improvement from the D+ (44%) he scored in May this year.

Although back then Sonko contested his poor ranking, he had promised Nairobians that things would change.


“The last time we released the poll, the governor of Nairobi, Mr Mike Sonko, contested about our results. But finally he accepted and said he took the grade we’d given him and he promised to improve on service delivery,” said TIFA managing director Gerry Kweya.

In as much the research firm gave Sonko the credit, Mr Kweya said that the survey could not establish whether these improvements are the governor’s effort or a joint effort.

According to TIFA, those who took part in the poll cited better service delivery in the ratings for his improved performance.


His highest score was recorded for street lighting with 68 percent, up from 62 percent a few months ago.

Mr Kweya said that 77 percent of Nairobi residents were however against the governor operating from Machakos county.

He further revealed that 67 percent of the participants said they were comfortable with Sonko operating without a deputy governor while 29 percent were of the opposing view.