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Sonko ‘moves on’

Former Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko says he’s ‘moved on’ after his impeachment.

Despite a spirited defence from himself and a battery of lawyers in the past few weeks, the flamboyant politician was impeached by the Senate days after the County Assembly also voted him out of office.

Nairobi News understands Sonko has already been stripped off his bodyguards, official car, and trappings of power that come with the position.

But he says he is not quite bothered.

“As I said before, there is life after politics, and I am excited to go back to my life and to be with the ordinary people who have been supporting me all my political life,” he wrote on social media.

Sonko also claimed the Senate had been intimidated and bribed Senators to impeach him even though he stopped short of backing up these claims.

The former Makadara lawmaker and Nairobi Senator also thanked his family for standing by him during the tough times. He further suggested that some influential families in the country were untouchable despite being involved in corrupt deals.

“My good friend the Speaker of the Senate Ken Lusaka told me he was under instructions from State to breach the law in presiding over my impeachment. I was not born in State House and my father was not President nor Prime Minister and vice president as well.  To my beautiful wife Primose and daughter Saumu whose names were dragged into this mess while the trip was state-approved continue to be strong women, you have never done any business with the County of Nairobi or won yourselves tenders with Kemsa in the Covid Billionaires scandal to enrich yourselves or your family.”

Sonko was confronted with 11 charges related to gross violation of the constitution, abuse of office, gross misconduct, and crimes under national law.