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Sonko parades logbooks, title deeds to prove source of wealth – VIDEO

Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko on Tuesday paraded over 100 logbooks on national television to prove that his wealth was not amassed after becoming governor.

Sonko showed up for an interview on NTV’s Sidebar Show carrying a folder that contained over 100 logbooks of vehicles.

He claimed to have purchased the vehicles before he became Makadara MP.

The logbooks, some dated as far as 2010, were his proof that he has not used public funds for personal gain. Interestingly, a majority of the vehicles are under his wife Primrose’s name and an unnamed sister ‘for security purposes’.

“I bought my cars, I have come with logbooks here, these are over 100 logbooks, the ones I had in the office, some are in Kwale, some are in Malindi others are in Lamu. My wife was the first proprietor in transport who imported double decker buses after those colonial buses,” he said.


Some of the vehicles include his wife’s luxury bought from Deputy President William Ruto. Sonko is yet to transfer the logbook.

Sonko also displayed title deeds and land sales agreements, explaining how he bought parcels of land and resold at profits to build his wealth.

“I own properties all the way from Lamu to Vanga and the titles are here. I’ve got over 1000 title deeds, genuine properties,” he said.

Sonko explained how he purchased some of the beach properties from former Wundanyi MP Darius Mbela’s widow 10 years ago.

He displayed title deeds for some of his beach plots spread across the coastal regio,n stating that he buys and resales at profits.

It is a business he was taught by his late father, he said.


I own properties all the way from Lamu to Vanga. I have got over 1000 tittle deeds of properties which I own genuinely – Gov. Sonko #Sidebar

Posted by NTV Kenya on Tuesday, May 7, 2019