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All talk, no action Sonko promises to clear boda boda, street families from CBD

Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko has promised to get rid of boda boda riders and street families from the city, terming them an eyesore.

Also not left out of Mr Sonko’s ‘grand plan’ to clear the mess that he said has soiled the stature of Nairobi, is matatu chaos.

“They must all get out of the central business district. Nairobi is a top city in the world, and I will ensure that it reclaims its former glory of the ‘city in the sun’,” he said.

“But the problem is that they always run to court whenever they are confronted,” he added.

Mr Sonko also accused cartels of blocking seamless delivery of essential services to residents.


The governor, who has earned the moniker ‘an administrator of a city choking with corruption, garbage, poor service delivery, mismanagement and inefficiency’, spoke on Sunday at St Stephen ACK Church, Jogoo Road in Nairobi.

“I took over from a dead government, a government that was immersed in looting of public resources meant for development. Inefficiency was the order of the day such that service delivery to the people was an alien. All systems were practically dead,” Mr Sonko said of the previous regime.

The governor also boasted that he has increased the collection of revenue compared to the previous administration.

He said Sh1.6 billion was collected in January, four months after he was sworn into office, Sh1.8 billion in February and Sh1.5 billion last month.

But only a few city residents believe that the county government is providing essential services.