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Sonko promises to pay child support for police officer who arrested him in Voi

Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko has pledged to offset a Sh300,000 child support claim of a former police officer whom he accused of manhandling him during his dramatic arrest in Voi last year.

On Tuesday, a video went viral on social media showing man being assaulted by a woman. The woman who grabbed the man’s clothes, shouted that the man had failed to pay for child support despite being instructed by the children’s court.


Sonko claims the man in the video is the recently retired Voi Base Commander Michael Mureithi.

The video shows Mureithi, dressed in  brown jacket, being repeatedly pushed and shoved by the woman who is dressed in an all green attire.

The woman waves away several attempts by the man to restrain him, claiming she is finding it difficult taking care of the baby.

“You gave me a kid and fled, how do you think we are surviving?” the woman shouts, before asking eyewitnesses to take photos and videos of the unfolding drama.

At some point, the man attempts to punch the woman but members of the public intervene and warn him against assaulting the woman.


The couple is later separated by an armed police officer.

According to Sonko, Mureithi is the police officer who painfully handcuffed him twice, before forcing him to board a police chopper at the Voi Airstrip.

In a lengthy statement he shared on social media, Sonko said he doesn’t support domestic violence, he referred to the officer as a ‘friend’.

“Pole sana my friend Mr Mureithi the recently retired Voi Base commander who forcefully handcuffed me with two pairs of handcuffs just to board a police chopper during my arrest at Voi. Even though this was against the international aviation laws, may the Lord give you peace to resolve your current situation,” Sonko wrote.


“My humble advice to you, if the baby the woman is alleging is really yours kindly accept the responsibility its just normal part of life and since you are now retired, I’m willing to pay for you the Sh300,000 upkeep the woman has been awarded by the children’s court,” he further said.

“May you live longer (sic) to see this kid become a more responsible senior police officer than you were or even become the Governor in future of any county or even become the President of this great country so that he/she becomes a testimony on any kind of violence to future generations. I shall continue to pray for you to have peace in your relationship with this lady,” he went on.

Sonko also said that he would pray for the officer so that he finds peace with the woman.

The governor also claims that another officer who was part of those who manhandled during his dramatic arrest is also suffering from kidney failure and that he is ready to pay for his medical expenses.