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Sonko: My rescue team is not spreading cholera

Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko has denied claims that water tankers associated with the Sonko Rescue Team are helping spread cholera through the supply of contaminated water.

Speaking to the Nation by phone on Wednesday, the senator said the claims were false and intended to besmirch his character and achieve a political motive.

“I have been supplying this water for the last five years and there have been no such cases of cholera or any other waterborne diseases. Why now just when the campaigns are hot?” posed Sonko.

He defended the water bowsers saying they were clean and the water they supply meet international standards for human consumption.


“Our water is clean and the boreholes from which we get our supplies have been inspected and certified by water authorities. Besides, we take the extra precaution to clean the water before we supply them. We welcome anybody to visit us and see how we do this,” he said.

This comes after Nairobi Governor Evans Kidero questioned the hygienic conditions of the water being supplied by the water tankers belonging to the senator.

Dr Kidero also banned all water vendors that are not registered with the county or Nairobi City Water and Sewerage Company from operating in Nairobi claiming that they were aiding in the spread of the deadly disease.

Sonko, who is vying for the governorship seat on a Jubilee ticket, got an unlikely backing from Independent candidate Peter Kenneth who laid the blame squarely at the feet of Dr Kidero for failing to provide enough water to most estates in the county.


Mr Kenneth also accused Dr Kidero of condoning a moribund county inspectorate that has not discharged their duties effectively.

“It is a shame, a pity that somebody can preside over a big city and allow a hygiene issue to develop into a full blown cholera outbreak. He has been a consistent failure for four to five years and he needs to go home,” said Mr Kenneth while speaking at Jesus is the Healer church in Mail-Saba, Nairobi.

He claimed that the cholera cases being reported in the county emanated from poor hygiene and sanitation services in the county.

“You have also seen water lines, sewage lines and drainage lines are all connected whereas there should have been clear demarcation. The inspection services at the county government is wanting and in a very bad condition,” he said.