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Sonko sheds tears in court win, but gets jeers on Twitter – VIDEO

By EDDY KAGERA January 9th, 2018 1 min read

Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko was butt of the joke Tuesday when he shared a video of himself crying after the High Court struck out a case challenging his win.

The governor was lip-synching to Najua, a gospel song by Eunice Njeri. In the song, Njeri says she is aware that her savior lives.

He posted the video moments after two voters who had petitioned against his win withdrew the case.

They were ordered to pay Sonko and IEBC Sh5 million.


Sonko later posted a video shedding tears in a 55-second video but most of the commenters did not buy the emotion.

Ramadhan Kuria Bin Kaguo said: “Nasi pia tunalia maradhi ya kipindupindu, malaria yamezidi kutokana na mazingira mabovu. Wewe ulisema hospital insurance yako ni 10million sasa ukijifanya kulia hapo unatukejeli.”

But the governor retorted: “Wacha ushamba kutoa tears while thinking where you come from and the far the Lord has brought you is normal.”

Julie Neckson added: “Working as a Nairobi Governor needs a heart of steel….we knew tears will eventually come. Even Jesus wept!”


Donald O Mc went on: “I cannot support nonsense of this kind. You don’t have to record yourself to show people that you are prayerful!!”

Muiruri Muiruris quipped: “Its true mkombozi anaishi… (Really,,,, i am trying to imagine how the person who was taking the video was told…”nkianza kulia chukua Vida”) TEAM SONKO THOUGH.”

Njuguna Muthui added: “If u having ur time with God u shudnt exposed it in public, thats what we call hypocrisy.”

El K D’costa said: “Hehehee…Sonko vituko zako hazitawai isha..yani Camera man anajaribu kutafuta machozi na nikama machozi pia imeenda strike ..anyway mkombozi wangu pia anaishi.