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Sonko splashes out Sh200K to Facebook fans for translation of Waititu’s video

Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko dished out Sh200, 000 to his Facebook followers as he sought help to get an accurate translation of a video recording of Kiambu governor Ferdinand Waititu speaking Gikuyu.

Sonko had on Friday shared the video of Governor Waititu’s interview with a vernacular station. He then asked his followers to give an accurate translation of what Mr Waititu’s was saying.

The rule of the game was simple. The first 40 people to give the correct translation will receive Sh5, 000 from Sonko.

Kenyans online scrambled for the opportunity to be among the first 40, by posting their translations and mobile numbers.

Others complained of being left out because they do not understand Gikuyu.

“Guys be serious on my 5k bet on the interpretation of the sentiments by 022. Sioni correct answers mob. Many of you thought it was a joke,” wrote Mr Sonko.

He added: “I can hear 022 mentioning about Nairobi again in this meeting. Can someone interpret for me what hes saying please? 5k to the first 40 correct interpretations. Send your safcom number as well.”

Mr Sonko has built a reputation of being a generous philanthropist. In February this year he was named a goodwill ambassador by an Israeli-based organisation.