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Sonko strikes deal with matatu operators on CBD access

By THOMAS MATIKO December 4th, 2018 1 min read

Nairobi Governor Moke Sonko has struck a gentleman’s agreement with matatu operators that allows Public Service Vehicles access to the city centre.

In the deal made on Tuesday after a consultative meeting, the matatu operators agreed that only three matatus per sacco will be allowed into the Central Business District (CBD) at any given time.

However, Governor made it clear that he is still keen on ensuring the city is decongested by getting rid of matatus from the CBD.

“Through negotiation with AMO (Association of Matatu Operators), the Governor lifted the ban. Tumeshasikizana na Chairmen wote tukasema magari zote kuingia town, ni magari tatu tatu per Sacco. For example kama ni Embassava zitaingia tatu, kama ni Buruburu zitaingia tatu. Si kama kitambo magari zinakuja zikiingia zote mara moja” stated AMO chairman Jimal Ibrahim.

Other stakeholders who took part in the meeting included Matatu Owners Association and Association of Matatu Workers.