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Sonko suspends Rescue Team chairman

Nairobi senator Mike Sonko has suspended the Sonko Rescue Team Chairman Mathias Owino popularly known as Swaleh, accusing him of being paid by political opponents to tarnish the team’s name.

Swaleh was recently involved in an altercation with a city resident after a car he and a colleague from the rescue team were driving rammed into a motorist’s car.

The motorist, Mercy Murugi, took to Twitter to raise the matter after the rescue team members became unruly and could not sort out the mess amicably.

She tweeted the senator asking for an explanation as to why rescue team members were acting as if they were above the law.

In a series of tweets, she went on to explain the incident saying: “They told me I can never finish Mbuvi’s money, and they are ex-convicts so they will find me and punish me for this. Mathews sent me sent me(sic).”

The senator got in touch with the complainant via Twitter, obtained her contacts and called her to have the matter resolved.

One of the ambulances run by Sonko Rescue Team. PHOTO | COURTESY
One of the ambulances run by Sonko Rescue Team. PHOTO | COURTESY

She later tweeted that her car repairs had been offset by the senator and her safety assured.

Sonko who has been under pressure to clarify on what action was taken after the incident made a public notice on Facebook explaining what the team’s conclusion to the matter was.

“Due to these complains fronted by the public against Swaleh, he was unanimously ousted as the SRT Chairperson by Members for gross misconduct and the use of abusive language to his colleagues,” read the notice in part.

“I do not and will never condone any case of indiscipline by any SRT Member especially those approached by my political enemies to tarnish my name by provoking members of the public and break the law using my name,” he went on.

Sonko concluded by stating that neither he nor the rescue team members are above the law and that they will serve without prejudice.