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Sonko opts for political sabbatical

Impeached Nairobi governor Mike Sonko says he’s opted for a decade long break from active politics.

To this effect, the flamboyant Sonko, who’s been on an offensive rant against President Uhuru Kenyatta in recent weeks, also announced he will withdraw a case challenging Nairobi gubernatorial election.

“I will stay away from politics for 10 years since people say God’s time is the best. Even when Uhuru failed in 2002 he waited until 2013. Nairobi is bigger than anyone. Because Nairobi is big and it needs a leader, I’m ready to withdraw the case for people to elect their own chosen Governor,” he said.

He spoke at Makueni County on Saturday at a funeral attended by several politicians including Deputy President William Ruto.

Sonko however pegged his exit with conditions, urging the state not to impose someone as governor of the capital and instead allow for elections to take place so the people’s voice can be heard.

He also vowed to do what it takes to enable the DP to succeed the president in 2022.

“It is a must for Nairobi residents to get the Governor they want. Not to bring in someone who was elected which is not lawful. They need to go for a by-election and elect the person whom they love through the ballot,” added Sonko.

Sonko’s sentiments are interpreted to mean he will not vie for political office until 2032 but may continue pronouncing himself on matters that require politicking.

Sonko has served as Makadara MP, Nairobi Senator, and Governor over the past decade.

He has enhanced a reputation as a philanthropic but highly controversial leader, known to record his colleagues during telephone conversations coupled with emotional outbursts.