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Sonko threatens to expose all promiscuous politicians in Kenya

Nairobi governor Mike Sonko has now embarked on another controversial campaign aiming to expose promiscuous men in the August house.

Sonko shared on social media his views on marriage, especially in Kenya, when he made the statement saying that most leaders in the country lived clandestine lives which come to light only when they die.

It is at this instance, he said, that the secret lovers come out causing shame and humiliation to the family and legal wife of the deceased.

The city governor made reference to the marriage between Queen Elizabeth of England and her husband Prince Philip as they celebrated their 74th wedding anniversary in the weekend.

In his opinion, the royal couple’s transparency and honesty is the best example for married people in Kenya and elsewhere.

“Imagine Queen Elizabeth (94) and Prince Philip (99) have been married for 74 years since 1947, when Donald Trump was born. Lakini hapa Kenya, vitu kwa ground ni different kabisa. Many of our leaders are not transparent to their wives and when they die, mipango ya kando come from everywhere,” wrote Mr Sonko.

“Most of us leaders live double lives and practice hypocrisy, that’s why we can’t show off the people we love hadharani bado tukiwa when still alive. Some intimidate their girlfriends after kuwadunga ball,” he went on.

Sonko argued that no matter what position a leader holds he would take it upon himself to look for concrete evidence to expose politicians who are reportedly lying to their wives.

“No matter what position they hold in this country we shall expose with evidence all the leaders who have been lying to their wives ati hawana watoto nje ya marriage. Shame on all of you,” said Mr Sonko.

In 2019, the governor made headlines after he revealed at the funeral of the late Kibra Member of Parliament Ken Okoth that the legislator had sired a child with another woman.

Mr Sonko demanded that Okoth’s family recognises the five-year-old child.

Imagine Queen Elizabeth (94) and Prince Philip (99) have been married for 74 years since 1947, when Donald Trump was…

Posted by Mike Sonko. on Saturday, November 21, 2020