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Sonko throws fellow governors under the bus in push for more billions

July 29th, 2019 2 min read

Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko has broken ranks with other governors in the push for more allocation and instead wants them to accept the Sh316 billion allocated to counties.

Governor Sonko told a rally in Meru that though the amount given to counties is not enough, governors have to respect President Uhuru Kenyatta’s directive that they make do with what is available.

He said the continued impasse between Senate and National Assembly will derail development in counties.

“The president has spoken and because we have to respect him, let’s take what we have been given. Let us cut on our expenditure and fight corruption in all sectors to make sure we have enough resources,” said Mr Sonko during a Team Wanjiku rally in a Meru County over the weekend.

The Nairobi County boss said he is ready to reduce expenditures on foreign trips, meetings and other in-house activities in order to use the available funds.


The Senate and the National Assembly have been engaged in a push and pull over the Division of Revenue Bill, with the latter moving to the Supreme Court to seek and advisory opinion.

Governor Sonko said that his executive and county assembly leadership have agreed to work together to push for laws to regulate various sectors.

Meanwhile, City Hall has given owners of petroleum depots and petrol stations 14 days to ensure their premises comply with all safety regulations.

The county wants all provisions of the Disaster Management Act 2015 for general safety and the Finance Act 2018 to be strictly adhered to.

The county’s Disaster Management and Coordination Committee will conduct inspections to ascertain compliance.

The regulations stipulate that all petroleum depots, service and petrol stations within the county must have adequate fire fighting equipment, fire systems, maintenance services, testing of portable and fixed fire equipment installations, training of staff, provision of first aid and conduction of emergency drills.