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Sonko throws lavish party to family and friends

Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko hosted several of his close friends and relatives to a lavish party held at his home over the weekend.

The flamboyant politician is said to have spent a huge amount of cash on food and expensive drinks at the party.

Sources who attended the party say Sonko was in high spirit all through, and was severally heard saying how “life has been kind on him”.

Drinks were in plenty for those who attended Sonko’s party.
Drinks were in plenty for those who attended Sonko’s party.

A close in attendance was Sonko’s adopted child Baby Satrine Osinya, who is remembered for surviving a gun shot to the head in a terrorist attack on a church in Likoni, Mombasa last year.


The former Makadara MP is renowned for his spend thrift nature and populist style of politics.

Two months ago, Sonko was adversely mentioned in corruption related cases in a list tabled in Parliament by President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Senator Mike Sonko’s adopted child baby Satrine Osinyi (being held).

He thereafter volunteered to step aside from his Senatorial duties to pave way for investigations and he has since kept a low profile.

There have also be reports in the media that Sonko’s pet project, the Sonko Rescue Team, which offers free transport, water and health services to Nairobi residents, has become ineffective.