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Sonko trolled online for this misspelled road signage

Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko has become that laughing stock online after one street name near State House was wrongly spelt following a repaint of road signage that he ordered for around the area.

Denis Pritt Road was repainted with a spelling mistake reading ‘Denis Print Road’ instead.

Kenyans on Twitter took a photo of the erroneous road signage and shared it online as users trolled the governor and his employees for incompetence.

The repainting was done in the run up to President Uhuru Kenyatta’s inauguration ceremony which saw many heads of state visit the country.

A user Maseno Boy wondered, “Did mike mbuvi physically paint the sign post or a contracted artisan?”

Another user replied, “I think the real reason is the job was given to someone with chida za matamchi.”

Judy Yegon commented, “Hahahaha this our Governor is set to show us wonders ???”

Mwenekabu James wrote, “Maybe he doesn’t even know the history of ‘Dennis Pritt’”

Josh Oluga replied, “They wrote how they pronounce it. Down town sign writers… Hahahaha”

Nelson Amollo wrote, “Nairobi is yet to see worse days their unpredictable governor and his PR tactics won’t clean the city.”

Geoffrey Mutinda noted that improved road signage were to be in Sonko’s 100 days, “To be fair to Sonko, he had promised to improve road signage in the first 100 days.”