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Sonko visits Kitengela hotel after viral video of alleged owner harassed female employee

By Wangu Kanuri December 9th, 2022 2 min read

Former Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko has showed a video in which he personally visited Rixxos Lounge, Kitengela and engaged with the employees.

The video that was posted on his social media platforms, the philanthropic politician shared that he toured the place at night to get to understand what was happening.

“Ndiyo naingia Rixxos Lounge tujue shida iko wapi. (I’m here at Rixxos Lounge to find out where the problem is).”

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Earlier, Sonko had condemned the actions based on the video saying he would personally take up the case and ensure that the lady got justice.

Adding that he would not allow anyone to use the good name of H.E. President William Ruto to intimidate members of the public, Sonko shared a contact number that the female employee would use for further action.

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The hotel had been trending for the better part of Wednesday after its alleged owner known as Jaymo was heard harassing and threatening a female employee who was demanding her unpaid salary.

The video has since gone viral and it showed the alleged owner hurling insults at the female employee while explicitly stating that he would not pay the woman what he owes her saying that he even knew President William Ruto.

“I am not paying you. Mshenzi wewe, kwani unadhani unaeza nipeleka wapi? I talk with the president, my friend,” said the man while pointing to what was presumably a picture of him and President Ruto on his phone.

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He continued, “You can’t take me anywhere; I talk to the president directly. Mimi nikisema nikukalie saa hii utaenda na kesi mbaya. Utakuwa unanipigia simu unanibeg. Nishakuambia sikulipi.

(If I decide you can end up with big criminal charges in a court case that you cannot get out of. You will be calling me begging to be let out. I have already told you, I will not pay you).”

The National Police Service (NPS) had earlier on announced that it had commenced its investigations.

Terming the act as “distasteful”, Noor Gabow, the NPS boss also urged the lady to file a formal complaint at any police station in order to enable the police to take the most appropriate legal action into the matter.

“In accordance with the National Police Service to serve and protect all citizens we have commenced our investigation into the matter,” read part of its statement.

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