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Sonko waives lands rates for religious organisations

Nairobi governor Mike Sonko has waived land rates for religious organizations in the city.

Mr Sonko on Tuesday said he had issued an executive order to that effect following a request by religious leaders.

“I’ve issued an executive order to waive land rates for all religious organizations in Nairobi following a request by clerics. My admin has also taken measures to contain land grabbers who are targeting parcels of land belonging to churches, mosques and other religious organizations,” wrote the governor on Twitter.

The executive order, which will benefit churches, mosques and other religious organizations, takes effect immediately.

Mr Sonko spoke after meeting with John Cardinal Njue of the Catholic Church and a delegation from the church.


They discussed a number of issues including land grabbing by a cartel targeting parcels of land belonging to various religious groups.

“Already my war with land cartels is bearing fruits as a number of grabbed public land have already been reverted to their rightful owners. The cartel whose network I have dismantled have been targeting churches, mosques, schools, markets and other open fields,” he said.

The cartel members target properties with expired leases, idle land and generally land belonging to foreigners who are old, terminally ill or dead.

“I have intelligence report that while the police are involved in case forceful eviction is needed, lawyers are on standby to defend the irregular or forged documents manufactured by these criminals. I pledge to work overtime to ensure that cases of land grabbing in Nairobi becomes a thing of the past,” he added.