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Sonko wins over Nairobians in new war on rogue outdoor advertisers

Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko is on the warpath with outdoor advertising companies in the city who cut down trees that are obscuring the visibility of their billboards.

An angry Sonko on Tuesday took to social media to warn rogue advertisers, who also cut down trees in a particular area so as to erect their mast, that if found guilty they would be arrested and charged in accordance with the law.

“The tycoons who indiscriminately cut down trees for their advertisements on billboards to be visible must be arrested and charged in accordance with the law. They should also be forced to plant 1000 trees per one tree cut or their billboards will be brought down just the same way they cut down the trees,” Sonko said.

Sonko’s stance seems to resonate well with many Nairobians who applauded him on social media for the move.


“Tree’s should not be cut and replaced by billboards, but you are over reacting. Handle issues with sober mind. May be county staff were involved,” said Joackim Kyania.

“Westlands roundabout had umbrella tree but Magnet Ventures cut it down because of their Billboard,” observed Eduh De Mokx.

“Environmental conservation is key Governor,” commented Robinson Abuki.

“A good one Mr Governor. These Advertisement Companies often cut down trees on roadside but never donate even a single seedling for afforesting Kenya’s deforested areas. Hope you’ll make real your threats,” commented Ndiany Okello.

“Man, these hooligans are too much. The County spends a lot planting trees yet these guys cut them mercilessly,” wrote Kritikhol Dhinkah.