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Sonko warns against drunk driving in city this festive season

Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko toured various roads in the city in the wee hours of Sunday morning and made some sober observations on drunk driving.

The governor shared a video of his night patrol in the city that included an encounter with police on Uhuru Highway who were testing drivers for alcohol levels using the alcoblow device.

In a video shared on Facebook, Sonko urged city residents to stay in clubs till morning instead of driving under the influence of alcohol.

In the short video, Sonko first laments at a traffic snarl up on Uhuru Highway. He later finds out that the heavy traffic was due to a police operation on drunk drivers.

He congratulates the police, telling them not to spare anyone found driving under the influence.

“Hii ni ngori wacha sasa tuone walevi wakiumwa hapa, na tumekuwa tukiambia watu wasikunywe pombe wakiendesha gari. The police are doing a very good job here, this is good especially sahii Christmas,” says Sonko.

He adds: “Hakuna kuendesha gari, kama uko mlevi lala kwa bar ama ambia bibi akukujie kutoka kwa nyumba.”

The video that was recorded 1am on Sunday also captures the governor patrolling Lang’ata Road and Jogoo Road.