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Sonko warns on scam of fake jobs at City Hall

May 24th, 2019 1 min read

Governor Mike Sonko has warned members of the public from conmen who have been asking for money in the guise of offering them jobs at City Hall.

In a Facebook Live session, Governor Sonko said that the county government does not ask for money to employ people.

“Corruption will never end in this County. Beware of conmen. We do not ask for money to employ people,” the Nairobi County boss said.

In the video, a woman makes a call to Governor Sonko explaining how a woman by the name Emma conned her of her Sh3,000 and promised that she would hire her as a casual laborer.

The woman goes on to tell the Governor that she paid the money in cash and has been working as a cleaner along Mombasa Road until last week when she realized that she was not being paid and decided to complain.


The woman said that those who had parted with Sh10,000 and over were listed as the genuine workers while her name was left out.

“Nilipatia Emma pesa yangu kwa mkono hata kuna witnesses,” she told the Governor who asked her to forward him the phone number of the woman in question.

He further explained that the process of hiring in the county is approved by the County Public Service Board and not n individual staff or casuals.

The Governor cautioned his followers saying that “When the deal is too good think twice.”

He further asked members of the public to report all cases of City Hall corruption to the numbers 0722886600 or 0722156700.