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Sonko’s adopted son Satrin admitted in hospital

Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko’s adopted son Satrin Osinya, the miracle baby who survived a terror attack in 2014, has been admitted to hospital after being taken ill.

The governor, through his Facebook page, on Friday asked Kenyans to join his family in praying for his son who is hospitalised.

Sonko said that the six-year-old has been developing on and off complications following an earlier surgery on his brain in 2014 that was necessitated by a bullet lodged in his head during the terror attack.


“The Devil is a liar. My adopted son Satrin Osinya who survived a brain surgery after a bullet lodged in his brain was successfully removed by doctors at KNH has been of late developing complications on and off. He is currently undergoing treatment at the Nairobi hospital. All watu wangu just join my family in praying for him. May he be healed in the mighty name of Jesus,” Sonko said in his post.

Sonko adopted Osinya in 2015 and since that successful operation to remove the bullet at Kenyatta National Hospital, the young boy has been going for check-ups to monitor his progress.

“He has what we call a growing fracture where we operated. This means that there is a small gap between two bones and though it is not a cause for alarm now, we will need to monitor it and see if it closes on its own. If it does not then we will cover the gap with artificial bone,” head of neurosurgery Peter Mwangi explained in 2015 after the operation.