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Sonko’s bid to seal off Uhuru Park from Nasa brigade flops

A bid by Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko to have police seal off Uhuru Park ahead of Wednesday’s planned Nasa rally has failed.

Mr Sonko had claimed that the opposition had not followed venue booking procedure. Initial reports indicated that the park had been cordoned off although Nasa supporters accessed the it.

Nasa is meant to hold a rally at the venue at 2pm to announce their final position on Thursday’s repeat election.

In a statement, Mr Sonko had requested the Nairobi County Police Commander Japhet Koome to secure the park saying unauthorized meeting was meant to take place in the venue.

“It has come to my attention that the National Super Alliance (Nasa) leaders plan to use Uhuru Park Grounds today for a political meeting. However, records at City Hall show that they have not followed the procedures to secure the said grounds for their meeting,” read Governor Sonko’s statement.


Mr Sonko had said that no meeting would be allowed of whatever nature at Uhuru Park Wednesday without express authority and approval from his government.

The governor added that the police should secure the grounds in a bid to keep off the opposition from holding the rally.

“By the authority of this letter, kindly ensure no such illegal meeting is held against our authority and against the law. It is therefore my humble request that you secure Uhuru Park Grounds unless you receive written authority and approval by the County Government of Nairobi over the same,” added Mr Sonko.

Speaking on phone the acting County Secretary Leboo Ole Morintant also said that nobody had made request to use the grounds hence the need to seal it off.

Mr Odinga, speaking in Bondo during the burial of anti-IEBC protest victims, called upon his supporters to wait for major announcement on the Wednesday of repeat presidential poll.

Editor’s Note: The initial story indicated that the officers had sealed off the park. We have since learnt that the request was not granted.