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Sonko’s daughter hits out at her dad’s haters

By Amina Wako February 11th, 2021 2 min read

Mike Sonko’s daughter Salma Mbuvi has penned an emotional letter to his troubled dad who’s currently in police custody, insisting he is the ‘kindest, purest, and most gentle person’.

In a missive she shared via social media, Mbuvi also appears to suggest his outspoken dad is ‘innocent’ of all charges leveled against him by the state.

“You could be the kindest, purest, and the most gentle person, but that won’t stop the world from throwing dirt at you,” she wrote.

“It won’t stop them from misusing your emotions to best fit their own. It won’t stop them from accusing you of things you never did. But the thing is none of this should stop you from being who you are. Never dull your own light because of others. Don’t ever harden your heart for a world like this because it’s simply not worth it.”

“Salma also spared a paragraph in the letter for his father’s haters, referring to people who’d apparently thrown dirt at his father, but remained confident the current challenges shall pass.

“You are the way you’re because this world is in need of souls like you. People will do anything to make themselves feel better, even if it means destroying you. Your sensitive nature will catch onto the cruelty of this world, but remind yourself that them throwing dirt at you doesn’t say anything about you, but it says a whole lot about them. Take a deep breath and smile,” she wrote.

Sonko who was impeached as Nairobi governor in December is currently battling a number of charges including assault, causing actual bodily harm, robbery with violence, destruction of property, and terrorism.

He has been detained for the past week and police have since formally requested the court to allow him to be detained for 30 more days.

Former vice-president Kalonzo Musyoka has since asked President Uhuru Kenyatta to pardon Sonko, while his family has stood by him all this while.