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Sonko’s digital zebra crossing: Here is how it works – PHOTOS, VIDEO

City Hall has introduced digital zebra crossing aimed at improving the safety of pedestrians, especially children and people with disabilities.

So far, only one is functioning on City Hall Way outside the governor’s office. Two more are being installed on Harambee Avenue and Uhuru Highway.

The system is being piloted on selected roads with high human traffic.

Speaking to Nairobi News, project controller Eric Mutua of Futel Project Limited explained that traffic marshals have been deployed to teach pedestrians how to use the digital zebra crossing.

“This one is the first one and we are also going to have others across the CBD and along State House Road in the coming weeks,’ said Mutua.


The traffic marshals are also arresting motorists who run over the zebra crossing.

One traffic marshal told Nairobi News that majority of offenders are motorcyclists and drivers of government-owned vehicles.

“This project could be a solution to the many pedestrian deaths mostly witnessed in Nairobi,” she added.

The digital zebra crossing empowers pedestrians to stop motorists and cross the road.

Pedestrians press a button and wait for a blip that signals when they should cross the road.

Pedestrians have a maximum of 16 seconds to cross the road.