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Sonko’s huge relief as court allows street families to access rehabilitation school

Over 200 street children and families rounded up by Nairobi city askaris in a swoop within the city centre have finally been granted access to Kabete Rehabilitation School.

A Nairobi court granted the county government an order allowing them to take the street children to the rehabilitation centre for 21 days pending a determination of the next course of action to be taken.

City Inspectorate director of operations Mr Peter Mbaya said that they had obtained a court order allowing the county to take children under the age of 18 to Kabete Rehabilitation School, while the adults are to be taken to Kamiti Remand home.

“Yes on Thursday we took them to Kabete but they were not allowed in because we did not follow the due process. The next day we went to court and obtained an order allowing us to take them there.

“We have already taken the young ones to Kabete while the others went to Kamiti Remand home which is a place for individuals over the age of 18 years,” said Mr Mabya on Monday.

Mr Mbaya said the young ones will be taken to school, while those over 18 years will be taken to any other place the court decides.

“We have a big rehabilitation centre in Makadara but it only caters for the not so hardened ones who can break out and come back to the street. They need a bit of tight security and so this is not a good place for them,” he said.

The street children and families spent Thursday night at Central Police station after they were denied access at the Kabete Rehabilitation School.

They were duped by city askaris that there was a party at Uhuru Park. They were given free food before a lorry arrived to pick them up.