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Sonko’s intentions to help a woman cheated on by boyfriend tickles KOT

On Wednesday, May 18, 2023, flamboyant politician Mike Sonko, the former governor of Nairobi County, promised to help Ms Imelda Mwendwa Kigunda, a young, beautiful woman who was arrested after destroying her boyfriend’s property.

According to Sonko, Ms Kigunda caught her boyfriend cheating on her, smashing his television, and damaging his vehicle.

“This is Imelda Mwendwa Kigunda. On Monday, this beautiful and innocent looking woman caught her boyfriend cheating on her.

She badly damaged her boyfriend’s car and broke his television set. She was arrested yesterday.

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Today, Mwendwa was taken to court and given a cash bail of Sh100,000. This is totally unacceptable, I urge friends and relatives of this lady to send me the court case number immediately so that I can bail her out.

Alafu, any lady lawyer take this case and defend this lady, I will pay the legal fees on her behalf,” Sonko said in his statement.

However, his intentions to help the beautiful girl have raised questions as Sonko is known for his flamboyant lifestyle and love for the fast life.

In several denials, Sonko said he had no need to date the young woman and only wanted to help her.

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“Nimekuonea 18. Shoot straight. Makosa lakini,” said the Honourable William Kabogo.

“Sonko, I am sure this is not about the story but about the lady pictured… unapenda dogodogo (you like the young ones),” said Geoffery Wageni, to which Sonko said his machine was no longer working.

” Alaa.. Aty (that you want to) bail them out and pay the legal fees. Hii imeenda (this has been taken),” Nana Kc added.

“Huyu najua ww ndo (with this one I know you are) her next boyfriend,” Evan Memba opined.

Sonko’s lifestyle and controversial political moves tend to earn him a bad reputation as he is believed to be a ladies’ man.

But there is another side to him – the philanthropic Mike Sonko who pays for young girls to get new uniforms and shopping for six months; and the Mike Sonko who ran the Sonko Rescue Team to help bereaved families.

Finding a balance between the two has been difficult for him, and he needs to work harder to clean up his public image.

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