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Here is Sonko’s grand plan to tackle garbage menace in Nairobi

Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko has come up with a new plan to tackle the garbage menace that has endlessly plagued the city.

According to Mr Sonko, city residents can now call up county garbage collectors – that are on standby – whenever they encounter mountains of garbage deposited by the roadside or at undesignated places.

The governor provided mobile numbers to be used by Nairobians, accompanied by pictures to show off a fleet of trucks and front shovel bulldozers.

“Wapi takataka leo hamujanitumia. Our environment officers and garbage collectors are on standby. Veska keep it up. 0739555555/0722886600,” posted Mr Sonko.

Earlier on, Sonko had issued a stern warning to sub county officials not doing their job by allowing garbage deposited by the roadside in their constituency’s to pile up.


He said that he would start exposing the lazy officials to the public before relieving them of their duties.

“Sub county and Ward admins sleeping on their job. Sitakubali handball za ushenzi. Incoming county service board we need your urgent intervention in employing 17 new sub-county and 85 ward admins as I decided to work with the ones I inherited from previous regime, I found it unfair to fire them like what other counties did coz they all have families but now enough is enough they either focus on service delivery to Nairobians or go home. This should act as a last warning,” Sonko wrote.

Nairobi’s current waste disposal system is fraught with major problems. These range from the city’s failure to prioritise solid waste management to inadequate infrastructure.

Nairobi has been grappling with issues of garbage collection with several parts of the city having uncollected mounds of solid waste strewn all over, posing major health and environmental hazards.