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Sosuun alleges women are hitting on her after she ‘kissed’ a female friend

Rapper Sosuun recently found herself at the center of a lively debate among Kenyans after a seemingly over-friendly encounter with her female best friend during a club outing three days ago.

Known for her musical prowess and strong presence in the industry, Sosuun’s unexpected interaction with her female best friend raised eyebrows and prompted fans to dissect the meaning behind their affectionate behavior.

As the video of their interaction circulated online, some fans questioned the nature of their relationship.

Sosuun has since addressed her fans and followers, revealing that she had intentionally kept her close bond with her female best friend away from the public eye.

“Am hiding her from everyone ❤️❤️.”

Sosuun has since clarified her relationship status, asserting that she is currently single.

“Since y’all still need to confirm through my dm’s I’ll say here again ‘I am not in a relationship’. And it stays that way for the longest coz I aint built for the current society structure of dating…

I will not give out interviews on this issue coz isn’t no day that will come that will disrespect the father to my children. my focus now is on my record music label.”

As fans continued to inquire about the identity and significance of her female best friend, Sosuun playfully responded to their curiosity.

“Y’all don’t love your besties right,” she teased adding that female followers were hitting on her DM.

“Sijui ka mnajua but my DM is full of ladies already, what are some of y’all dudes doing wrong? Do you know your gal wants some Sosuun?”

Sosuun has also confirmed that she ended up her relationship with fellow artiste, Kenrazy.

Despite the break up, she said that she still respects Kenrazy as the father of her kids adding that she will not do any interviews to talk about their break up.

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