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Sosuun breaks silence on what really ended her relationship with Kenrazy

Veteran female musician Sosuun has finally shed light on the circumstances that led to the dissolution of her long-standing relationship with rapper Kenrazy, a month after confirming their separation.

The celebrated artiste, who had shared a lifelong bond with Kenrazy since their youthful days, opened up during a recent radio interview, providing insight into the factors that contributed to the demise of their love story.

With a somber yet composed tone, Sosuun confirmed the authenticity of the news regarding her and Kenrazy parting ways. She acknowledged the years of history they shared but emphasized that life had its own course to chart. “Ni maisha, chochote kilichotokea kilitokea,” she reflected.

She expressed that sometimes, despite one’s best efforts to mend the rifts, some relationships become irreparable. It was a poignant moment for Sosuun as she acknowledged the reality of their separation, saying, “Kila mtu sasa anaendelea na maisha yake na siwezi sema kwamba tuko pamoja. Hatuko pamoja” (Everyone is moving forward with their lives, and I can’t claim that we are together because we are not).

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One of the most surprising aspects of Sosuun’s revelation was her admission that the person who often appears as the outspoken one is often the one striving the hardest to find common ground.

She stated, “Ni jambo la kushangaza kwamba mtu ambaye anaonekana muongeaji huwa ndiye mbishi lakini ukweli ni kwamba mtu anayeongea sana ndiye anayejaribu sana kutafuta mwafaka” (It’s surprising that the person who seems talkative is usually the one trying hardest to find a compromise). Her words resonated with those who had followed their relationship closely, highlighting that the intricacies of love are often hidden beneath the surface.

Sosuun revealed that, despite their best efforts to reconcile, they eventually came to the painful decision to part ways. However, she made a heartfelt promise that she would never resort to speaking ill of Kenrazy.

Her admiration and respect for him were evident as she shared, “Kitu ambacho siwezi kukifanya ni kuzungumza vibaya kumhusu Kenrazy, ni baba kwa watoto wangu, ni mwanamume mzuri na pia ni mtu mwenye heshima sana, tunaheshimiana na ako vizuri katika masuala ya kunisaidia malezi” (One thing I cannot do is speak ill of Kenrazy. He is the father of my children, a good man, and a highly respectable individual. We have mutual respect, and he plays a significant role in our children’s upbringing).

Sosuun’s revelations have left fans and followers of their relationship pondering the complexities of love and the inevitability of change in life’s journey.

As fans continue to grapple with the end of a beloved union, they can’t help but admire Sosuun’s graceful handling of the situation. The mystery surrounding the cause of their breakup has been partially unveiled, offering a glimpse into the challenges they faced behind closed doors. Ultimately, Sosuun’s decision to focus on the future and maintain a respectful stance toward Kenrazy highlights her strength and resilience in the face of adversity.