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South Africa now relaxes tough visa rules for Kenyans

Kenyans are set to receive visas on arrival into South Africa in new rules as the country revises its immigration policy.

South African Tourism Minister Derek Hanekom revealed the plans on the sidelines of a travel conference.

He said Kenya is among countries whose citizens will apply for E-Visas that will be issued upon arrival.

The new policy will exempt more countries from visa requirements when entering South Africa in a bid to grow its tourism sector.


Kenyans travelling to South Africa have in the past decried stringent visa requirements prompting a series of meetings by President Uhuru Kenyatta and former President Jacob Zuma.

South Africa has already eased visa restrictions on Kenyan students.

Stringent visa restrictions by South Africa against Kenyans in recent years have extended to the issuance of work permits, forcing many professionals to relocate.

The two countries have been in talks for a while and at some point Kenya threatened to reintroduce visa application for South African passport holders before coming into the country.