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South Africa supermarket uses oil to foil would-be looters – VIDEO

Amid a looting spree in major cities in South Africa, an upmarket supermarket employed cheeky tactics that kept away looters from its premises.

With several premises counting their losses to the tune of billions of shillings after residents walked in and carted their properties while damaging others, employees at Shoprite supermarket elected to pour oil on the floor outside the store as the looters approached the premises.

A widely shared video clip on social media, shows workers pouring the oil near the entrance of the store.

Unknown to the would-be looters who had no idea the floor was slippery, the experience left them losing their balance and crashing on the floor.

The store’s manager, Mduduzo Sikhakhane, told South Africa’s Times Live that the trick had saved them from being looted.

“No-one could go to that side because they were slipping like crazy,” he said.

It was reported that it was the only store in the mall that was not broken into.

The incident comes amid a week of violence that engulfed the second-largest richest country in Africa, leading to arson attacks, looting, and about 75 deaths.

The violence and protests were sparked by the arrest of former President Jacob Zuma.