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South Africans on a high after top court legalises cannabis use

It is now legal to grow and smoke weed in South Africa after the country constitutional court delivered a landmark ruling on the use of cannabis sativa.

The ruling was read on Tuesday by the country’s deputy chief justice Raymond Zondo.

Justice Zondo said growing weed, which South Africans call dagga, for personal use was legal adding that it only becomes illegal when a person grows it for sale.

The ruling comes after parliament banned the cultivation of weed for private use, sparking street protests and a court case.

Justice Zondo steered clear of the recommended amount of weed one can farm, saying the ruling party African National Congress would table recommendations in parliament.

The constitutional court received an appeal after a South African High Court ruled that weed for private use was legal.

A Rastafarian, Garreth Prince and the leader of Dagga party Jeremy Acton had filed the case and won. Multiple government departments appealed and wanted weed use at home to remain illegal.


The court accepted medical studies that showed alcohol caused more harm than weed and that there was little data to show that criminalising weed reduced harmful use.

Coca-Cola Company on Monday indicated that it was eyeing weed-infused drinks to expand its products list and increase market share.

The beverage company made the confirmation while responding to a report from BNN Bloomberg that said it was in talks with Canada’s Aurora Cannabis Inc. to develop drinks infused with cannabidiol (CBD), the non-psychoactive chemical found in marijuana.

South Africans have celebrated the ruling by their constitutional court and are getting ready to grow some dagga, as they call it.