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SANY ‘the bulldozer’ to bring down South End Mall in days

A multi-agency overseeing demolition of structures on riparian land says it will take seven days to completely bring down South End Mall.

Head of Nairobi Regeneration Committee command centre Julius Wanjau said the delay in the completion of the demolition of the mall has been due to its height.

The available bulldozer, the now popular SANY, lacks the required height. The team says the demolition of the mall is a bit technical and risky compared to others they have cleared.

Nairobi County principal chief explained that they had to built a raised platform from hard core stones to give the  bulldozer the needed height to enable the felling of the building from the top most floor.


“We are currently at the building as we are trying to bring it down while taking precautions so as not to risk any lives. The machines do not have the necessary height but we are hopeful that within a week we will be done bringing it down,” said Mr Wanjau.

He ruled out the use of explosives to quickly bring down the building, saying that the impact of such an explosion on surrounding buildings will be disastrous.

“We can use explosives to bring down the building as this would make the process quicker but this is not an option for us because of the associated impact of such an action,” he said.


Mr Wanjau urged for patience in the demolition of structures built on riparian land, saying that the task will be done in accordance with the law.

“Let them not listen to rumours that we are going to demolish this or that place. We will only demolish places where notices have been served. We have a plan but first let us finish this before embarking on others within Nairobi,” he said.