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South Sudan deports 16 Kenyans

By Amina wako August 30th, 2019 1 min read

Sixteen Kenyans are expected back home after South Sudan ordered for their deportation.

The 16 Kenyans, alongside four British nationals, were working for a private security company but on Tuesday, the Ministry of Interior gave them 72 hours to leave the country.

According to The East African, the deportation orders came just a few days after their company, Insight Security, failed to resolve a pay dispute over salaries and arrears of guards working for the firm.

“There are 16 Kenyan nationals who have been given 72 hours to pay all dues which they owe the government, and also pay our people their pensions…then leave the country,” Thiik Thiik Mayardit, the Juba deputy mayor said.


The Insight Security firm was closed down last week on allegations that it exploited local workers and had not paid taxes.

Two of the company’s senior administrators were briefly detained in Juba last Wednesday but later released.

The Juba City Council initiated the arrest of the former Warrior Security bosses after it accused the company of mistreating its workers.

In June this year, guards at the company downed their tools after the company allegedly failed to pay them in US dollars.

According to a local daily, the contract states that the monthly salary should be paid using the official rate of the Bank of South Sudan which means the guards are paid in South Sudanese pound.

The company was given a 7-day ultimatum to pay the workers or shut down by the Deputy Mayor of the city council.