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Space Lounge to ‘reopen’ as case on loud music is withdrawn

By MAUREEN KAKAH September 23rd, 2016 1 min read

A popular city night club along Ngong’ road that was temporarily closed over noise pollution may be on its way back to normal business.

This follows the withdrawal of the case filed by Space Bar Lounge & Grill against the Nairobi County Government, in a dispute which pitted the said joint against its neighbours.

The club through its lawyers from the firm of Kabue Thumi & Company advocates, filed a notice indicating its intend not to pursue the matter in court.

And Senior Principle Magistrate L M Wachira allowed their request.

“Upon reading the notice of withdrawal of this case filed on September 19, the plaintiff has wholly discontinued the suit herein,” Magistrate  Wachira said.


The club was embroiled in a legal battle with is neighbours over playing loud music especially at night.

Earlier last month, seven individuals had successfully managed to get orders barring the club from playing the loud music as well as its closure on a temporary basis until the case is determined.

Consequently, the turn of events will now see the club settling its beef with its neighbours and city fathers out of court amicably inorder to get back to business.

The withdrawal of the case also implies that the club and its neighbours may have already mended their fences!

The Magistrate also directed the club, the Nairobi County government and the neighbours to set a date to settle the litigation costs.