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Speaker Lusaka, 57, admits siring child out of wedlock

Senate Speaker Kenneth Lusaka says he will not challenge the paternity of the unborn baby he is reported to have fathered with a woman who sued him two weeks ago.

The veteran politician, speaking through his lawyer Peter Wanyama, has also told the court he’s in touch with the woman with aim of settling the matter out of court.

Lusaka also argued that the issue of child maintenance should be discussed when the baby has been born. He however said that he will take care of the medical expenses of her prenatal care.

“It’s not correct that my client can’t make prenatal expenses. That has been sorted. And we are saying let’s wait for the baby to be born who can buy a house within seven days?” said Lusaka.

Lusaka, formerly Bungoma governor, also suggested the matter be handled by the children’s court.

Lawyer Danstan Omari, who is representing the woman, said it is true that he had met and discussed issues relating to consent, and needed seven days to finalize the negotiations in order to file a consent.

But Lusaka opposed the seven days deadline, indicating he needs a month to conclude the negotiations.

“I don’t think within seven days we will have addressed the pre-birth maintenance issues because there are a couple of issues my client is still engaging the petitioner on such as accommodation expenses with respect to prenatal care which is continuous,” Lusaka told the court.

The woman also wants the speaker to buy her a house matching the standard of where Lusaka’s other children are staying.

The woman, through lawyer Omari, sued the speaker and is seeking child support of Sh.200,000 monthly or a lump sum pay of Sh.25 million.

She had claimed that Lusaka had declined to take up his responsibility by providing for her and the needs of their unborn child.