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Speed humps not to blame for Naivasha accident, says roads agency

The roads agency that erected speed humps at Karai area in Naivasha where a horrific accident killed 40 people on Saturday night has dismissed accusations blaming it for the tragedy.

The Kenya National Highways Authority (KeNHA) issued a statement on Monday in which it absolved itself from the scathing crticism unleashed by President Kenyatta during his official address at the Jamhuri Day celebrations.

President Kenyatta had condemned transport officials for the erection of speed humps at the scene of the tragic accident that are considered to have caused the accident.

“The ministry, especially of Transport, this thing of putting up bumps anyhow and on top of it there are no signboards indicating there are bumps. This must come to an end,” President Kenyatta had said.

But hours letter, KeNHA issued a statement in which is absolved itself from blame and said the bumps were properly marked. It attached pictorial evidence to back its claim.